India Travel Destinations

India is a bamboozling and amazing place, a really fascinating country that keeps everyone surprised and often challenging. Between the soaring peaks of Himalayan Mountain and waters of the Indian Ocean lies a country that has many architectural wonders. As a tourist, you will see mesmerizing markets, lavish palaces, pristine wildlife sanctuaries, chaotic cities, mystical monasteries, astounding temples and much more. With an incredible diversity of ethnicities, religions and cultures - India tourist places symbolizes an astonishing harmony. The rural culture of this country and India Travel Destinations enchants the mind and heart of every tourist coming here from any part of the world.

Many travellers coming to India for the first time find it very hard to understand the conspicuous disparities. India is seen as an ageless artistic wonderland that engulfs natural beauty, spiritual wonders and cultural treasures.  Enjoy a camel ride in Rajasthan, hover along Kerala's well-known backwaters, or discover tranquility at the holy Ganges. Memorable moments spend in India make it a destination to explore again and again. Most of the tourists search for "India Travel Guide for Destinations" to know more about the places to visit. It enthralls every traveller to the core of the heart and heartfelt emotions are visible most of the times. Finding the right travel information about which sites are to be explored in India can really make your journey pleasant, hassle-free and memorable.

"Golden Triangle Holiday" is offering this India Travel Guide to visit some of the most amazing cities in this country. India's Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur) is the most famous tourist circuit with numerous UNESCO listed sights and other medieval landmarks. You will spend most of the time exploring the dramatic landscapes; tiger crammed jungles, ancient relics, remote villages, extraordinary temples and much more. You can go through this "India Travel Destinations Guide" to get a clear idea about various travel destinations and places to visit.


Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is the name that hallmarks glory, dominance, magnificence, beauty and much more to every tourist coming here from different parts of the world. This place has been the front runner in Indian independence, culture and politics. Uttar Pradesh is also known for the legacy of the rulers, holy rivers, hill stations and much more.

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Rajasthan is situated on the north-western side of India and the largest state by area. It is also one of the most explored states in India. This is not surprising because it showcases India in the most exotic and colorful manner. You can easily find snake charmers, elephants, camels, desert, forts, palaces, sand dunes and much more during your visit to Rajasthan.

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Delhi - the capital of India and regarded as the best place to know mystery, spirituality, food, culture and history of this country. Delhi is divided into two parts - Old and New Delhi. It is located on the banks of Yamuna River and ruled by many empires over the years. This imperial city has always been the epicenter of religion, social mindset, culture and political evolution.

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Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is an Indian state with an intoxicating mixture of holy shrines, inspiring art, vibrant sights and rich history. It is adorned with famous tourist attractions, wildlife sanctuaries, tribal culture and natural beauty. Madhya Pradesh is India's cultural and political heartbeat having temples and tribal population.

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Gujarat is known for its diversity and blessed with different types of attractions that compel tourists to visit this Indian state. It is well-known for colorful culture, wooden Jain temples, textile workmanship, ethnic silver jewelry, embroidered garments, fascinating handicrafts, mouthwatering cuisine, festivals & fairs, Rann of Kutch and much more.

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Uttarakhand is blessed with geographical diversity, wildlife, natural forests, lakes, sacred lakes and much more. You can find wood style of architecture in Uttarakhand that have designs of floral patterns, deities and much more. "Golden Triangle Holiday" is offering this Uttarakhand Travel Guide to see some amazing tourist destinations that are very famous for their own cultural significance.

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